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Self service mover give you more control over your move. This is because you are the one who calls the shots on how much time you need to pack up, the type of truck you want and the cost of the move. You can decide whether you want to unpack immediately the trailer reaches its destination or to wait for a couple of days before you unpack.

When dealing with a self service mover, one of the main questions you should ask them is the expected day of delivery. Most moving companies will provide a broad time frame of delivery; they do not give an exact date of delivery. To avoid this problem, you should press the company to give you their closest approximation of the delivery date. This will help you to plan better particularly if you will be staying in alternative accommodation till belongings arrive at your new destination.

A serve service mover does not necessary result to punctuality and cost savings. In adequate planning and other logistical issues might result in delays. Therefore one needs to be prepared for any eventualities. Moving is a specialized service which must be carried out professionally otherwise you may end up incurring a lot of losses. For instance, since you will not be using packing material from the self service mover, it is advisable that you buy high quality packing equipment for your belongings.

When the movers come over to your home or office to asses how much it will actually cost to transport your goods, you can take advantage of their presence to ask about pieces of furniture or equipment that you know will provide a challenge in packing or moving. Since they are professional packers, they can be able to provide you with hints and tips on how to go about it. The movers can also be able to foresee any prospective challenges that will come up during the actual move and advise you accordingly.

If you want the movers to deliver your packing boxes as close to your doorstep as possible, use compact boxes to pack your belongings. Compact boxes offer extra protection to the packed items as they hold the items in place avoiding movements. When loading belongings into the truck, start with the heavier items first. This provides multiple advantages. The truck gains stability by having a lower center of gravity and minimizes risk light items been damaged.

Most moving companies recommend that stuff be stacked tightly from the floor of the truck to the ceiling and then securing them in place using straps. Doing so minimizes shifting and movement of the items thus stabilizing the truck and ensures ride comfort and safety.

If you are a cost conscious consumer, now is the time to start asking for free price quotes to compare the cost of movers.

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