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Office storage must allow for office duties to go on unhindered. However, striking a balance between excellent office storage and peak performance is a challenge. The storage should be in such a way that normal operations of the office are not distracted.

Everybody in the office should keep only supplies that are useful on a daily basis on the top of their desk. Having a system is important because everybody will know exactly where everything is.

Most of the things done on office storage is papers. When storing papers, you should always ask yourself if you really need them. If the answer to this question is no, you should throw the papers away. You must make sure that the papers are destroyed properly to prevent theft of important or confidential information. The best method is shredding the papers or burning them. If the papers are useful, you should file them effectively. There are many filing methods available - whichever method you choose, you should be consistent. All people in the office should be aware of this system.

There should be a specific time to file all office papers and this should be at least once a week. It is advisable that when this time comes, the pile of papers should be turned upside down so that you can start at the bottom.

Everybody in the office should keep as few files on their desks as possible. These files should be kept visual and vertical, not horizontal. This way, the desk will seem like it has more space.

Mail and memos should be well organized in the in-box and the out-box to prevent missing deadlines. They should be divided in their respective categories such as to act, to throw away, to read and to file. If mails and memos have to be stored in office storage, it should be in clearly marked files, following the same method of storage as other papers.

One of the most important office storage tips is to have a two-drawer file cabinet or bigger next to the desk. This comes in handy in that it makes storage of paid bills and other important documents easy. You should follow a system when using the drawers so that it can be easier on the filing day.

When doing office storage of many files or other stuff such as office furniture, there are several options available. Mini storage is the best option because in most cases, the storage is done in the same building as the office, making the task convenient. Another option is getting a moving company and to have them take everything to their storage facilities. You can also do self storage where the organization has keys to the containers where they do the storage. These three methods have the advantage of having the items insured against theft and damage due to water, pests, etc. Doing office storage in special rooms in the office is unsafe because it is harder to fight pests and avoid fire and water damage and most people do not insure such items.

You should promptly ask for estimates from office storage companies. You can get them online where you get to compare estimates from many companies.

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