International Relocation - Required Documentation

International relocation is not an entirely painful experience as most people think but it can be fun and exiting if done well. However it requires a lot of research of the prevailing conditions in the new country which will help you to decide whether the move is that important. Also you should make use of a good international mover who will guarantee the safety and security of your goods while on transit. You will also be required to produce a lot of documentation to the authority so as to prove your identity. The following are the documentation that you will need for an international relocation.

You will, be expected to have a passport for every member of your family before an international relocation. The passports should be valid for at least a year. You will also be required to get a visa for the country where you are moving to. A visa can be acquired from the embassy of the country you are moving to and it is always important for you to get it much earlier to reduce last minute rushing to get it.

International relocation also requires you to have a residency permit if you are relocating there permanently. Many countries will allow you to get the permit after moving but it is always good to conduct a research so as to get information on the regulations of the permit so that you do not end up with a tourist visa which will require you to move back to your country for it to be renewed after a few months.

If you are not planning to stay in the new country permanently, international relocation will require you to have a work permit which will enable you to be employed. If you have been sent by your company to a new country, you should ask them to arrange a work permit for you which will enable you to work comfortably after moving to the new country.

Other documents that you will be required to have before an international relocation are certificates of registration for all the items that you are moving with. You will need to produce the registration certificates to the embassy and prove that they are yours and that they are not for sale in the new country.

You will also be required to produce an export declaration form which in most cases will be signed by your international mover. It is therefore important to let the international mover to pack your goods for you so as to prevent any problems that might emerge at the customs. The relocation process will also be a lot faster if the international mover packs the goods for you.

International relocation will also require you to produce medical reports for your family members and also veterinary reports for any pets that you may be carrying. Travelling to some countries will also require you to be immunized against certain diseases and therefore your medical records will be required for doctors to see your health condition. International relocation will also require you to produce records for spraying of any plants you might be carrying against certain plant diseases.

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