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Ten Things to Remember Before Booking a Moving Truck

Ten things to remember before booking a moving truck are discussed below. Whether you are moving across town or across state lines, you will need a moving truck where you can pack your belongings and have your things transported to wherever it is that you are going. The size and type of truck that you rent, will depend on the distance that you are travelling as well as the amount of stuff that you have to move. Here are the things to keep in mind;

1. Distance – how far you are moving will have a huge bearing on the type of moving truck that you rent. Before booking a moving truck, you need to have this information at hand; most moving trucks will accommodate short distance moves but a move across state lines will require a bit more planning. When moving across state lines, it is much cheaper to plan a one-way trip.

2. Size of the truck – for you to book a truck that will comfortably fit all your belongings, you need to know before hand what you need to take and what you will leave behind. Most moving companies will offer a size guide for the trucks. It is always advisable to rent a larger truck than you think you will need; you don’t want to find out at the last minute that your things cannot fit into the rental truck.

3. Timing – depending on when you have scheduled your move, it may be necessary to book the truck well in advance.

4. Transporting of vehicles – if you are going to be transporting extra vehicles, there are a few points to keep in mind; will you drive the vehicle yourself or tow it behind the moving truck. Also if you have boats or motorbikes that you would like to take with you then you need to make provision for this. Often, one would need to rent a trailer hitch to transport these items will set you back an extra $ 300

5. Insurance – the importance of having insurance cannot be stressed enough; ensure that the rental company offers insurance but you should be careful and read the fine print so that you do not end up incurring extra charges on insurance. Ensure that the insurance covers all the items that you intend to transport.

6. Incidentals – you may need to get pads and dollies for extra protection. These may come in handy for valuable like antiques or leather furniture. Pads can also be useful when sliding heavier items into the rental truck.

7. Mileage – moving companies will have mileage charges included in the vehicle rental, it is however prudent to check the fine print to ensure that you do not incur any extra charges. This may occur if the mileage that is offered is limited which then means that there will be extra charges for any additional mileage covered.

8. Fuel costs – work out all the fuel costs that you will incur during your move and then ensure that it is within your budget.

9. Budgeting – it may seem unimportant but embarking on a move without knowing exactly how much you have to spend on that move will have you spending much more than you had anticipated. Know all the costs that are associated with moving and then budget according.

10. Planning – the move will go smoother all round if you plan and plan well. The budget is part of the planning process; other areas include packing, moving utilities among others.